Diverse experience with a heart for business

Practical and successful experience in every internet technology field creates an exceptional skill set when managing internet technology companies.

Experience in each level of the technology stack

Education and experience in every part of the internet technology stack allows for a rare and critical advantage in leadership and management. Knowing how to do the actual work allows for efficient oversight. This empowers you and I to know how the work is done, how much the work should cost, and when it should be done.


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Dot-com boom junkie, mad dash to several technology certifications, spent time at Amazon.com and Nintendo as a gameplay counselor (no kidding!) and ultimately in Product Acquisition and Development. Click, you know you want to know more...



Non-profit junkie, took up running and coaching to clear the head and the heart. With the Arthritis Foundation, ran marathons and coached wonderful people from couch to marathon finish line in Vancouver, Honolulu, Dublin, Amsterdam, Kona, Seattle, and elsewhere.



Dodged the dot-com crush and took on technical leadership at a private $50MM Seattle-area company.



The incredible Ashley Fenzl Crossman, Ph.D., swept me off my feet and from Seattle down to sunny Phoenix, AZ. Still a burgeoning technology landscape, a great deal of success was had building community, co-working, and entrepreneurialism



Considerable success with Internet Business Technology service and consulting. Among many other things, worked with Cablevision, wrote the fitting application for Ping golf, and streamlined operations for municipalities.



Evolved to manage Fortune 500 clients including P&G, national companies and brands including Massage Envy, the $700MM CORE Construction, and supported our team with clients including McDonalds, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cable ONE, and so many more.



Entrepreneurialism is a mental condition for which there is no cure. The confluence of consulting, agency work, and an insatiable appetite for all things startup led to this point which has taken me to Searchlight and technology consulting for legal matters in my "spare" time because I truly enjoy it so much.



  • Legal consultation
  • Executive, mid-level, project and vendor management
  • Technical systems analyst, architect, and engineer
  • Digital security
  • Enterprise and small-scale development
  • Infrastructure and network systems engineering and management
  • Database architecture, development and management
  • Integration (front-end development)
  • Graphic design