Strategic Technology Consultation On Legal Matters

Why you need a technical consultant

Strategy for your legal matter, case, negotiation, settlement, litigation, prosecution, defense, arbitration, mediation, or any other relevant proceeding

The answer comes in the form of a simple story. I was deposed recently in a case relating to a defamation claim between two other parties. During deposition, while on the record, counsel for the plaintiff asked regrettable questions regarding the circumstances, types, uses, and features of technology. I had insight into the litigation, goals, and strategies of both sides. Counsel for the plaintiff was very disappointing from my perspective because I knew precisely which simple and direct questions should have been asked in order to make his argument. I was even safely able to offer some vague direction in my testimony so that he might come around to asking the question he needed to ask, in the way he needed to ask it. In the end, he covered perhaps only two thirds of what he had the opportunity to cover, and in a muddled, convoluted way.

However, counsel for the defense was worse. Though admitting that perhaps it was only a clever tactic, the defense attorney outright admitted his technical ignorance and consumed a full majority of his time having me explain certain fundamentals and techniques. In addition to knowing the plaintiff's strategy I knew the defense strategy and was confident in what should have been asked in order to build the best case for the defendant.

In retrospect I can safely say that for only a few hours of consultation time, for either side I could have outlined several questions that fit perfectly inline with their strategy to help build a powerful argument in support of their client.

If you find it makes sense to have an efficient, affordable consultation with a like-minded strategic technology professional for your legal matter, contact me and let's talk.