Happiness is the ultimate goal

Happiness stems from a sense of control, from satisfaction in life, people and work, and from impermanence including comfortable amounts of change.



An entrepreneur, member of the Lean Startup cult. An endurance athlete. Self-help connoisseur. Executive-level technologist.


The Boys

The lights of my life. A joyous complication. An endurance sport and the greatest adventure.


My Love

The love of my life. Without whom none of this would be possible. A pillar of stability and a constant inspiration.

A master in her own right:


Returning integrity to authorship, journalism and copyright in a digital age

Searchlight® is a website content monitoring platform, with a focus on detecting and remediating plagiarism.

Searchlight® is my true professional passion and ambition. A guaranteed success given proper execution.

Additional benefits include removing duplicate content and building backlinks for SEO advantages. Social marketers can take advantage of greater oversight. Media outlets can track syndication completely and effortlessly.


Diverse experience with a heart for business

Practical and successful experience in every internet technology field creates an exceptional skill set when managing internet technology companies.

Experience in each level of the technology stack

Education and experience in every part of the internet technology stack allows for a rare and critical advantage in leadership and management. Knowing how to do the actual work allows for efficient oversight. This empowers you and I to know how the work is done, how much the work should cost, and when it should be done.


Learn about how your legal practice benefits from having an experienced technologist at hand




Dot-com boom junkie, mad dash to several technology certifications, spent time at Amazon.com and Nintendo as a gameplay counselor (no kidding!) and ultimately in Product Acquisition and Development. Click, you know you want to know more...



Non-profit junkie, took up running and coaching to clear the head and the heart. With the Arthritis Foundation, ran marathons and coached wonderful people from couch to marathon finish line in Vancouver, Honolulu, Dublin, Amsterdam, Kona, Seattle, and elsewhere.



Dodged the dot-com crush and took on technical leadership at a private $50MM Seattle-area company.



The incredible Ashley Fenzl Crossman, Ph.D., swept me off my feet and from Seattle down to sunny Phoenix, AZ. Still a burgeoning technology landscape, a great deal of success was had building community, co-working, and entrepreneurialism



Considerable success with Internet Business Technology service and consulting. Among many other things, worked with Cablevision, wrote the fitting application for Ping golf, and streamlined operations for municipalities.



Evolved to manage Fortune 500 clients including P&G, national companies and brands including Massage Envy, the $700MM CORE Construction, and supported our team with clients including McDonalds, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cable ONE, and so many more.



Entrepreneurialism is a mental condition for which there is no cure. The confluence of consulting, agency work, and an insatiable appetite for all things startup led to this point which has taken me to Searchlight and technology consulting for legal matters in my "spare" time because I truly enjoy it so much.



  • Legal consultation
  • Executive, mid-level, project and vendor management
  • Technical systems analyst, architect, and engineer
  • Digital security
  • Enterprise and small-scale development
  • Infrastructure and network systems engineering and management
  • Database architecture, development and management
  • Integration (front-end development)
  • Graphic design

A startup that gets to the point

WasThis™ was created from a client need. First an experiment, then a critically fun, light stepping, quick momentum technology company. Consisting of myself, the very talented and creative Beau Frusetta and Jeff Dupont, and our amazing innovative chief designer John Fraskos.

WasThis™ is a widget to embed on your website anywhere and as many times (even per page) that you want. Pose a question to your audience and get a yes or no answer with a single click.

Give your audience a chance to let you know, in a way they'll actually engage: simply.


Create A Question

Create a question or phrase and a set of buttons to place around your content.


Let Users Answer

Visitors provide easy answers with a simple click. No pop-ups or logins required!


Get Feedback Statistics

Get feedback stats for every response your users give. Then learn why, not just what.


Widget Example


Statistics Summary



WasThis™ uses the latest innovative open source technologies including:

WasThis™ serves 1,000,000's of requests and interactions per day. We use Redis for insanely fast data collection via it's high performance key-value cache, and we use MongoDB to store the cached data using MapReduce and render it using cool charting libraries.

Side projects are fun too


Since 2008, Edward Britt and myself along with myriad contractors and partners worked to bring an innovative solution to a niche market consisting of lawyers and small law firms.

"You enter your time. We'll get the invoices out. On time, every time."


The Diagnosis


In 1998 I was a fat depressed young man. Running was a natural complement to a set of necessary lifestyle changes. An unforgettable first continuous mile turned into a first 5k. A second 5k, the Seattle Jingle Bell run/walk led to an invitation to join the Arthritis Foundation's Joints in Motion marathon training team. First as a participant, then as a mentor, and then as a coach, I spent the next years globe-trotting with 100's of inspiring participants on the same journey to health I took years prior. Together we covered 10,000's of miles and raised $100,000's to benefit the cause.

In 2008 after moving to Arizona, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, a rare form of inflammatory arthritis.

When I'm being edgy and colorful I say that I'm glad I didn't join the team supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Today my symptoms are controlled with the help of the miracles of modern pharmaceuticals, a dedication to health, and a positive attitude.

Despite the condition, I have maintained my running streak for